Thursday, March 24, 2011

Matthew's Girlfriend!

I first found out that Matthew liked a girl named Holly when I walked into my office and Matthew had written "Holly" on EVERY piece of paper in the office! I mean everything! Even important stuff! When I asked him who Holly was, he got very red and shy and eventually said that she is a girl that he sits by at school! He had learned how to wite her name by looking on the Valentine that she had given him, which he insisted on hanging on the wall above his bed. So I told his teacher about his little crush and she thought it was so cute. She made a note to herself to make sure that they always get to sit by each other. Which I'm still not sure is a good thing! :) The other day Matthew and Kaity were coloring and making pictures and Matthew said that he wanted to color a picture to give to Holly. So I said okay and this is what he came up with!
And yes, that is our phone number at the bottom! :) With a few mistakes, but I still think it was pretty good! I guess he's expecting a phone call from her! He is such a silly boy! I'm going to have my hands full if he's already girl crazy! :)

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