Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kaity's 4th Birthday!

On January 20th 2011, my little baby girl turned 4. I can't believe how old she is now! She's such a good little girl and she makes us all so happy! For her birthday we had a small little family party! Decorated the house and blew up a bunch of balloons!
 She really wanted an M n' M McFlurry from McDonald's. So here she is getting one all to her self! Of course she couldn't finish it! :)

 Here's my little poser! Always loves to pull a pose for a picture.
 We were having a bigger party with Cami and everybody the next day, so we wanted to save most her presents for then, but we did let her open her big present. Its a Wii game! It comes with a baby doll and you put the Wii remote in the baby's back. Then you control the baby in the game. Its like a babysitting game. You have to keep the baby happy by feeding it or rocking it to sleep. Stuff like that!

 Here she is playing the game! Look at that concentration!
Now its the next day and we have Cami's whole family over for a bigger party. I made a butterfly cake for Kaity and she loved it!
Here she is blowing out the candles. It took her like 7 tries! Silly girl!
 She was so proud of herself after she finally blew (spit) out all the candles!

 Then she got to open more presents! She love this dress!
 This was Mommy's favorite! It has grown on her too, and she chooses to wear it a lot!
 She also got this sleeping mask. Her and Matthew were both really cute with this.
 She also got some farting putty! You push down on it in the tube it comes in and it makes farting noises! Kaity and Matthew still LOVE this toy and they have gotten pretty good and making some real sounding farts! They giggle and laugh about it everytime!
 Matthew even made a friend at the party! (With Livia's help)
 Of course she insisted on sleeping with her new sleeping mask! She is so cute!

Happy Birthday Kaity! 

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