Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Rec Center Part 2!

At the Rec Center by my parent's house, they had a big basketball court that we all played in after swimmming. Kaity had a lot of fun because some of the hoops were down really low so Jeff could lift her up and let her make a shot. Matthew, on the other hand, just wanted to go back to swimming so he just sat down and pouted until we were ready to go swimming again.
We also went Rock Climbing while we were there! It was so much fun! They had a little baby harness for Kaity even. It was so cute to see her all harnessed up.
She wasn't even scared to do it. She just stepped right up and got clipped in.
Look at her climb. She did so great! Of course Jeff helped her up that high and then stepped back really quick. But nobody could tell from the pictures. She loved it!
This was her favorite part. Just hanging there in midair. She's so brave.
Matthew wanted to do it, too. But he kept saying that he was afraid of falling and hitting his head. So he was a little more scared than Kaity was. But he did step up and try. Jeff had to help him up also and then stepped back so I could get a picture. He liked it, but he was pretty scared.
Of course Jeff also climbed. He did really good. Made it all the way to the top. Good job Sweetie!
Climbing up...
Coming back down!
I even got talked into doing it. I had never rock climbed before and was pretty nervous about not making it up very high with everyone watching me. But I'm very proud of myself because I actually made it all the way to the top! I couldn't believe it!
Right outside of the rec center there was a whole herd of Buffalo! You could see it from the windows of the swimming pool. It was pretty cool. Matthew and Kaity had never seen Buffalo before.

Thanks Mom and Dad for taking us to this awesome rec center! I am definately going back there soon!

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