Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kaity's Braids!

Last night Jeff was up doing laundry for me (I've been having to take it easy since I had my miscarriage operation called a DNC) and he took Matthew with him. So Kaity and I were just sitting on the couch, cuddling and watching a movie. I had put rag curls in her hair a few nights before and I need to do her hair again anyway. So I told Kaity that I wanted to do her hair. She got in her original position on the floor where I always do her hair! And I started brushing it out and thinking about what I wanted to do. When I was in like Jr. High my sister used to put a bunch of braids in my hair. I used to love it because it feels so cool and it stayed out of my face! So I got started! It actually didn't take very long once I got started! My sister, Tara, came over and gave the kids some suckers, so that helped her sit still too! After we were done I took her to the mirror to let her see what I had done! She just started giggling! She loved it! She kept running her fingers through her hair. I think it was a success! I think I will do this again in the future for her! Especially on day that we go swimming! It's nice that her hair stays out of her face without me having to fix it!
I tried to get an action shot of her hair! Isn't it weird looking! I love it! I think she is absolutely adorable in the braids!


Melissa said...

Man that action shot is AWESOME.
It needs to be framed.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome weekend we had. The pictures remind me of what all we did! Great pictures, good job!!! Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

That most of taken for ever. What a good little girl.