Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Rec Center Part 1!

We went to visit my parent's for the Easter weekend. While we were there my parents took us to a new rec center by where they live. It is a super nice rec center. It had 3 swimming pools and 1 hot tub all in one room. One swimming pool was only 1 foot deep and had an awesome playground with slides for little kids in it. Another swimming pool was about 3 feet deep and had a net for volleyball in it. The other pool was a lap pool. Matthew and Kaity LOVED it! They never wanted to leave. They could have swam all day! We will definately be going back there. Thanks Mom and Dad!

They had this really big slide there also, and they let little kids go down it as long as there is an adult with them. I lost count how many times Kaity went down the slide with Jeff! She completely loved it! She had never been down a big slide before. We would try and hold the kids up at the end of the slide so they wouldn't go under the water.
This is my favorite picture of Kaity! Doesn't she look so happy.
Like father like son! Both of their eyes are closed!

Below are two videos of Kaity. One is of her going down the slide with Jeff. It shows how much she loved it and how much fun she had. The other video is of Kaity swimming for the first time! I got her some arm floaties and she used them for the first time! I was so proud of her! Good job Kaity!

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