Monday, October 31, 2011

Random Pictures

Here's Jeff with all 3 of his kiddos!
 I HAD to get a picture of Ty with this huge teddy bear. I have a picture of Matthew with this same bear when he was little.
 All 3 of my kids! I couldn't be happier! Aren't they so beautiful?
 I love this carrier that my sister got me! Ty loves it too! 
 Kaity LOVES brushing hair. Before all she had was her doll's hair to brush and fix. Now she has a real live doll that she can play with and brush his hair! :)

 Getting ready to go and get Matthew from the bus stop.
 All bundled and out in the cold waiting for Matthew to get off the bus.
 I just LOVE this picture! It makes him look so big. I love his big blue eyes and head full of hair.

 Here is a shot showing off my blankets I made for him. He's laying on the puffy pillow blanket and he has my faux chenille blanket over him.
 I love that he has enough hair to give him a mohawk :)

 He's looking a little cross-eyed in this picture, but I love the goofy look on his face! 
 Dead asleep on Daddy's shoulder!

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kathy said...

He sure is looking more like Matthew, especially through the eyes. So sweet, I could just eat him up!