Sunday, July 3, 2011

Water Park

For the 4th of July weekend, my sister Tara and her daughter, Tamara, drove over from Seattle so yesterday Tara and Tamara, Cami and her family and me with my family all went to the water park and spent the whole day there! It was the first time we had gone swimming so far this summer and it was a LOT of fun! We all enjoyed ourselves!
 Floating down the lazy river
 Matthew with his Aunt Tara
 Snack time
 This was the first time that the kids didn't mind getting splashed in the face, so they really had fun on all the slides!

 Jeff even did the obstacle course that they had set up.
 He did awesome!
 The final leap
 We were there for almost 6 hours and we still had to drag the kids out of there! They had so much fun!
 The bad part:
I had bought the cheap generic brand of sun screen thinking that it would work just as well. We all learned the hard way that it does NOT work just as well! All 4 of us are so badly burned that we can barely get dressed. We tried to go to church this morning and the kids were crying as I was trying to get their church clothes on. So we ended up staying home! I feel so bad for them!

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