Sunday, July 3, 2011

My New Hair Cut

I had been thinking about getting my hair cut for awhile and I wanted one of those A-line cuts. I finally asked my sisters what they thought about it and Cami said that she had been thinking the same thing for her. So we decided to go get it done together. I always get so nervous when it comes to cutting my hair. I usually think about it for WAY too long and then I nerver actually get it done. This time Cami totally rushed me into it. I was definately nervous this time. I just went and tried to explain what I wanted without a picture and put my hair in my hair dressers hands!

Here's a before picture of Cami and me...
 And here's the after picture! As you can see I cut a lot off, but I think it turned out really well and I really like it! Its so much easier to fix and I love how it off my neck for the summer!

 Next time I do it though, I think I could go a little bit longer in the front so there is more of the A-line to it.

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