Sunday, July 3, 2011

Miscellaneous Pictures

I had a bunch of cute pictures on my cell phone, so I thought I should put them on here before they got forgotten about. Jeff and the kids went to the park one day and he sent me these two pictures. You could say I was kind of nervous to see if they would come back home unhurt. I can't believe he let them up in that tree. He's braver than I am. :)

 We signed up for the kids bowl free program this year which has been a lot of fun. We go bowling quite often this year. My sister signed up for it too, so we see her there a lot too. Her kids brought some fun things to wear while bowling one night, and Matthew and Kaity both thought that this clown wig was pretty fun.

 Here in Pullman at Martin Stadium, they were showing 'Rango' on the big screen. We went last summer when they did this too. Its pretty fun. You just go and set up a blanket or chairs, bring a snack or whatever and the kids can run around in the grass or do whatever while the movie plays.
 The only downside is the sun gets in your way for a little while before it sets.
 We've been going to the library a lot this summer for story times. The Pullman Library does a lot of fun things during the summer. During Matthew's story time his friend, Brooke, from school goes too. He was so excited when we saw her there. Its so funny to watch Matthew and Brooke together. Brooke says that when they grow up they are going to get married. :) She also has a little sister that is Kaity's age and they get along really good as well.

 Here we were just going for a walk around downtown Pullman.

 Playing at Reaney Park.
 Here's Matthew playing on the park at our apartment.

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