Thursday, June 9, 2011

Matthew's School Party

I made some chocolate cupcakes and took them to Matthew's classroom on his birthday! He was so excited! They sang to him and he got to go down to the office and pick out a birthday pencil and everybody kept giving him hugs and wishing him a happy birthday! It was so funny! I totally lucked out with the cupcakes. I had EXACTLY the right amount! I didn't have any left over!
Here he is with his teacher, Mrs. Stone!
 I took this picture and then noticed that his teeth were full of chocolate. So we took another one...
 And he wouldn't even show his teeth anymore! I must have embarrassed him! Oops! :)
 Here he is with Kaity! (Still not showing his teeth) All the girls in the class were all over Kaity! We stayed for story time and everything and there were girls all around Kaity holding her hand and helping her out! It was cute!

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Cami said...

Gosh! For a minute there I thought Matthew had lost both his front teeth! That's totally what it looks like. Then I felt like a bad Aunt for not noticing this weekend when I saw him. Thank goodness it was only chocolate, now I don't feel bad anymore! Cute pics though! It won't be long before he really does lose a tooth though! ;) He will look so cute!