Tuesday, June 28, 2011

24 Weeks 4 Days

Last week I was 24 weeks. I feel like I'm getting huge! :) Everything is still going great. Baby is healthy and strong. It kind of scares me though. He's not even Half of his birth weight yet and sometimes he can seriously hurt me already. He has this way of arching his back or something and you can feel it from the outside of my belly. When he does that I can't even move hardly until he switches positions. Last night he did this and Jeff could feel all along his back and he was pushing his back out along my belly. Its really weird. I hope he calms down a little when he gets bigger!
 I was a little upset with myself this week. My baby is supposed to be the size of an ear of corn with the husk and everything still on it. When I went to the store I couldn't find one the right size. Its like all the corn they had there were so itty bitty. So I used a ruler instead. I know I'm lame. But yes my baby was 12 inches so it works out.

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L ~ S said...

Fun idea to use a prop in your pics!