Thursday, June 9, 2011

Last Day of Kindergarten

Today was Matthew's very last day of kindergarten. Yesterday was supposed to be his last day, but to make up for a snow day they had to go one day longer. So today was just a giant free day. When I first got to his school, all classes were outside playing. It took me forever to find him. They had all kinds of games and stuff set up. I found him trying to blow a ball from one cup into another one.
Then Matthew wanted to go to this station were you sit in a big circle and someone walks around and squeezes water from a sponge onto your head. Wierd, I know! Kaity got one drop on her and thought I'm out of here and turned around and took off running for the playground.
Then the bell rang and Matthew was trying to make sure that Kaity stood perfectly in line. She wasn't liking it too much.
Here's Matthew sitting next to one of his friends, Holly, while they got to eat banana splits.

Then everyone got to blow bubbles and color with chalk and just play and do whatever!

Good Job Matthew! 1st Grade Here We Come!!!

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