Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Father's Day!

Matthew's and my morning started pretty early. We got up early and started getting ready for Jeff. We went to Walmart and got a dozen doughnuts for breakfast and we got Jeff a cheesecake (he's been wanting one for WEEKS). Then we came back home (Kaity was still sleeping) and started coloring some pictures and made a banner. Then we started blowing up balloons. Kaity finally woke up around 9:20-ish (sleepy head) She and Matthew loved these long balloons. They thought they were swords and were sword fighting all morning. Then Kaity colored her pictures for Jeff.

 Then around 9:45-ish we heard Jeff get out of bed so the kids wanted to hide from him to surprise him.
 Doesn't he look surprised?
 Here's Jeff with his kiddos! Soon to be 3 kiddos! :)
 Here is what we made him for Father's Day this year. Its a shirt with the kids hand prints on it (Matthew's are blue and green and Kaity's is pink and purple) Then the front says 'World's Best Dad -- Hands Down'
 Then the back just says 2011. I was debating whether or not to do a belly print so our baby could be involved, but I voted not to! :)
Happy Father's Day Jeff! We love you!!

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