Friday, April 22, 2011

Matthew's Musical

Last night Matthew had his first school performance. It was a musical. It was so fun watching him up on the stage with his class singing and dancing. I wish he would have done more singing. He was sooo shy, but he did do the actions and it was so cute! My kids are getting so big! I can't believe it sometimes!
Here's Matthew and me at his school right before his muscial
 Here he is waiting for it to start. He sat up there and waited so patiently. They never said how anyone should dress for this, so I had Matthew wear a collared shirt and some parents dressed their kids up and other kids weren't dressed up at all. I saw one kid wearing camo pants. So it looked pretty silly having everyone look so different, but it was still cute!

 It was so hard to see him sometimes. The 1st graders are on the top stage and the kindergarteners are in the front. Matthew is right below the girl in the pink and green striped dress.
 Afterwards, we went to Lick's and got everyone an ice cream cone!

Good Job Matthew!!

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Kathy (Mom) said...

Wish I could have been there to see him! He is so cute. Mom