Thursday, April 21, 2011

Family Fun Day

Last Saturday the YMCA put on a Family Fun Day here in Pullman. It was pretty fun and the kids really enjoyed it. They were supposed to have an inflatable obstacle course too, but it turned out to be a really windy and rainy day. So they didn't have it. :(  Sorry for the pictures! I forgot my camera so all I had was my cell phone. Some of the pictures are a little blurry.
Matthew and Kaity thought that this was pretty cool. They got to see how many germs were on their hands and then try and get them all off.

 Then they each got to make a necklace and bracelet. Matthew made a necklace with his initials. 
 Kaity made a bracelet with her initials.
 They even got to sit down and color with the WSU Cougar.
 And of course we couldn't get away without going to the facepainting table! Matthew got a bumble bee with no wings I guess.
 And of course Kaity got a butterfly!
 Here a fireman is showing Matthew how the hoses work to put out fires.
 And it wouldn't be a party without the wii hooked up and ready to play!
 Here we are back at home after having a fun day!

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