Wednesday, April 6, 2011

12 Weeks 5 Days

I know this one is a little bit harder to see, but its actually very cool. The circle on the right is its head then as you look to the left thats its body. You can see all of its bones. You can see its arms and leg bones too! You can see it legs are all curled up. It's back is facing the picture. I thought it was very cool to see it this way!
The really cool thing was that right when the camera turned on, my baby waved at me. Just its hand moved up and down. Just like it was waving. The Ultrasound Technician thought that it was so cool that she rewind the video and watched it again. It was pretty sweet.

You may be wondering how I keep getting so many ultrasounds. Well, so far nothing is wrong, but they told me that I could go in any time I wanted and listen to the heartbeat really quick. They offer this for free and no appoinment needed. So I had to take Kaity to the pediatrician to look at rash and their office is right next to my Dr.'s office. So I popped in real quick and asked if I could listen to the heartbeat real quick. they told me to have a seat and wait. Then the ultrasound technician came and got me. I told her that I was just expecting to litsen to the heartbeat and I don't need an ultrasound, but she just said, lets just do this real quick. I think she was bored. So I didn't argue any more, and I got another free ultrasound out of it! I love getting so many pictures and being able to see the progress in my baby devolopment so early in prenancy.

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