Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tyler's EEG Test

From that one night where Tyler had to stay overnight at the hospital because they think he had a mild seizure, we had to take him to Spokane to see a Pediatric Neurologist to get an EEG test done. I was NOT looking forward to it. It seemed so stressful. I'm just glad that it is now over with and out of the way!

So they told me that we had to keep Tyler awake for about 4 hours before the test and make sure that he is hungry, because they get a better reading if they are asleep. I had no idea how we were going to keep him awake when we had an 1 1/2 car ride. He LOVES car rides. He will always sleep in the car. So we tried EVERYTHING to keep him awake. Nothing worked! He was OUT! 
We didn't succeed at keeping him awake but he was definitely hungry.
  When we got to the Neurologist's office they got right to work! They had to glue/tape 30 little sensors to his head.Then they wrapped his head all up with gauze to hold them in place. He looked so sad!
 I had to get a shot of him actually taking his binki. He was soooo hungry that he actually was sucking on the binki. I haven't gotten him to take it since though! :(
 Here he is all bundled and ready for me to feed him and start the testing.
 This shows all the wires that were connected to his head. 
  Starting the test, and trying to keep a postive attitude. He was a very unhappy little boy.
 Here's the monitor of whats going on inside his head while he sleeps. Don't ask me what it means though. All I know is that when the line starts moving a lot that means that he is asleep.
 He didn't fall asleep after I fed him like we hoped and he just cried, which messed up the testing. So I could pick him up but I couldn't touch the sensors on his head and I couldn't move. So I sat like this for like 30 minutes. My arm got very sore and tired. But at least he slept through it.

 At the end of the test they had to check how he reacted to flashing light. To make sure that didn't set him off. So we laid him back down and tried to wake him up. Then they put a strobe light right in front of his face and flashed a bunch of different light patterns in his face. I couldn't even look at it. It made me kind of sick and dizzy. I felt bad for my little man! :( 
 Here is what it looked like with all the gauze off of his head and you can see all the sensors. There are 30 of them on his head.
  To get them off they got a wet washcloth and scrubbed them off. He did NOT like it one bit. I'm sure it hurt. Our technician was really nice and gentle with him though. 
I had to scrub his head in his bath that night to get out all the glue from his hair.
We asked the technician how he looked and he said that everything looked fine to him, but the neurologist still had to look at the tests and that we would know the results sometime next week. But he said that nothing looked out of the ordinary and was sure that everything was probably just fine.
So I'm very relieved that everything looked normal and I'm very relieved that all this is over and done with! I have no doubts that he is a very healthy little boy! :)

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I am so glad he is a healthy baby boy.