Saturday, November 5, 2011


Matthew and Kaity had a lot of fun this year with Halloween. They picked out their own costumes! Matthew wanted to be Batman so then Kaity, of course, chose Batgirl! They were really cute about it.
 Little Ty Ty went as the cutest baby in the whole world. :)
 Starting our Trick Or Treating! We had bought a new stroller online so we sold our old stroller. So for trick or treating we had to carry the carseat.
 After they would Trick or Treat at a house they would run as fast as they could back down to Jeff and me. I was so afraid that Kaity was going to trip and fall, but she never did.
 This house was pretty scary for the kiddos. They really got crazy with the decorating. There was even a man standing by the door that would reach out and try to scare the kids. I had to walk with Kaity to this door, but Matthew just walked right up, not scared at all! :)
 After a little while it got too cold and I had to go sit in the car with Tyler and follow Jeff and the kids. But it was still fun.
 When their buckets got full during the trick or treating we dumped it out in a pillow case. So when we got home Matthew and Kaity got to dump out the pillow case and see how much candy they got!
 They got a lot of candy! Good job Kiddos
 Then they sorted through it all and decided who got what!

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Dr. Reginia said...

Wow, look at all that candy. It looks like you guys had big fun.