Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My New Hair!

Well, I think we all remember when this horrible incident happened to my hair! Don't worry, I'm not doing this again anytime soon!
Well, it has grown out and began looking something like this! My natural color is pretty dark! Like a light brown, and then the rest of my hair was like really blonde! So it looked pretty ridiculous!

Then on Saturday I went to Mr. Leon's School of Hair and got my hair cut! I needed a trim really badly and while I was there I told them to add some layers to make my hair look better and more full! I love the hair style by the way! I think it looks so much better! While I was getting my hair done, the girl doing it kept saying how bad my hair looked. (I know thanks a lot, right!) Anyway, since they all thought it looked so bad, they gave me a good deal on getting some shades put in my hair! they were going to do it for only $20! So I couldn't pass that up! So today I went back and got the shades put in! They matched the colors to my natural hair color! So now my hair is FINALLY one color! YAY!! They said that it would lighten up a little bit! But this is now my hair color and I like it a lot better! What does everyone else think of the color and cut?


Deans said...

Soooo Much Better!!!!!!!! You don't look as washed out! LOOOVVVVVEEEEEE ITT!!!

~ Cami

Anonymous said...

I really like it a lot, but it doesn't look like you, I am acustomed to seeing you as a blondie. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

r u a french woman, we we
your beautiful locks r way cool
r u a French movie star or Model we we
what's your numbers

Anonymous said...

Every day you get more and more beautiful. You most get every guys attention where ever you go. I can't take my eyes off of you. You are one stunning, eye-catching, remarkable, and amazing woman I would love to get to know more. I would love to have you as my own.

Tara said...

I do like your new hair color! Jeff obviously does too based on his comment.... lol ;)