Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Family Round-Up Day!

WARNING: This post is LONG!!!
Last Saturday, in Moscow, there was a kind of carnival called Family Round-Up Day! A local church was putting it on! It was SOOO much fun! Matthew and Kaity LOVED it so much! They had all kinds of fun things to do! They had a obstacle course and jumping house! Matthew could do the obstacle course so fast! I couldn't even keep up with him!

I didn't know how Matthew would do going up this wall, but he did it so fast! He is getting so big!
Here he is at the finish! He turned around and did it over and over and over again!
Here's Kaity going through it! She had a little more trouble with it! But she still did really good!
They also had Horse Rides! Matthew almost jumped out of his skin when he found out that he could actually ride a horse! He loves horses sooo much, but he's never actually gotten to ride on one before! He was so big about it! He went all by himself and loved it! They went pretty far too! The horse kept whipping his legs with its tail, and he got a little weirded out by it! But he was just like a little cowboy!
Matthew wanted to stay with the horses forever! He never wanted to leave! Even Kaity got up on a horse by herself! She wasn't afraid at all! She couldn't ride by herself though... So Jeff got on up with her for the ride! But as you can see Matthew didn't want to let the horse leave without him, so he was hugging its leg! While he was hugging it's leg, the lady came and picked him and threw him on behind Jeff! Then they all three went for the horse ride!
They also had a hayride pulled by a tractor! It was super fun and Matthew and Kaity both loved this as well!
I made Jeff take one picture of me! Thats the problem with being the camera person! I never get to be in any of the pictures! Doesn't Kaity look too adorable in the picture!?! She was very happy!
They also had face painting! Of course Matthew wanted a horse painted on his cheeck! He literally cried when we had to wash it off that night! They had some big straw hats for the kids to play with after the BBQ and Matthew put it on his head and started running around! He is so silly! Isn't a HUGE hat!? While we ate our burgers, they had a band come and play some music and sing for us! Kaity got up and started dancing SO cute! She had some moves that I had never seen before! I loved it!


Melissa said...

It was a fun day.
Great post.
I wasn't too long at all.

K8 said...

that was so long. seriously what were you thinking?
jk. love you girl. the photos are so fun!

Ritchie Family Blog said...

What a fun day! Looking at those picts makes me want to be a kid again!