Sunday, June 7, 2009

Matthew's Birthday Party!

Saturday, June 6th, was Matthew's Birthday! I now have a 4 year old! It just seems so crazy to me! I don't even feel like I've been married for 4 years let alone have a 4 year old little boy! He has been so excited for his birthday ever since my birthday in May! Everyday he would wake up and ask "Matthew's birthday today?" and I would have to say "No, not yet"! (Everyday!!) We had a nice party for him! All his aunts and uncle and cousins that live close by come over, and his Mammaw from Priest River came down to Moscow just for him! For his birthday, Jeff and I decided not to get him a big birthday gift. We decided to get him a bunch of little gifts. His favorite part is unwrapping the gifts so we wanted to make sure there were lots of gifts for him to unwrap! He absolutely loved it! Happy Birthday Matthew! We Love You!
I counted the times it took Matthew to blow out his candle and it took him 11 times to actually blow it out! Silly Boy!
We're so glad that you could come up Mammaw! You were a big help! Thanks!

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Ritchie Family Blog said...

What a great idea to do all of those little gifts! That is awesome. Thanks for having us over last night!! We really enjoy playing games with you guys. I hope you don't move outta here too soon!!!!!