Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend Trip!

This weekend we went to Salt Lake City to visit Jeff's sister, Sarah! It was so much fun! The kids just loved the plane ride! He thought it was so cool! Now whenever you ask him about a plane he tell you that planes go "really really really really High"! They got to see a lot of their cousins there that they hadn't seen for a really long time! It was a fun trip! Thanks Sarah! We're looking forward to the Bowman Family Reunion for the fourth of July with everyone there in Salt Lake again! Should be a lot of fun! I know there are a LOT of pictures to scroll through, but I had a lot to show! So just keep looking! : )
Here Matthew has a toy plane and every time he saw a plane out the window he would act out what he saw with his toy plane!
Here Kaity is watching a movie on Jeff's laptop! She would sit there and hold the headphones in her ears! So cute!
Southwest airlines takes you so high up that you go into space for a little while! Here's a picture of the Earth from space! Neat, huh? : )


Ritchie Family Blog said...

Fun! I am usually so scared of flying... That is awesome that your kids actually really liked the whole flying thing.

Deans said...

Dang! When you blog, you really blog!!! Cute pics though. Looks like the Zoo was fun. I wish we could have gone to a Zoo this weekend! There were a ton of people with you! I bet that was chaotic fun!

~ Cami

Melissa said...

Hey you can meet me here at creekside if you'd like?
Or we can meet at the science place.
I"m not sure where you live.

Ritchie Family Blog said...

Heather- Heck yeah! We are so in for the games.... what are you guys doing this weekend? We do not have plans Friday or Saturday night yet...

Ritchie Family Blog said...

Sounds great! We can do it at your place at 9:00pm. We have LOTS of games so we will bring some of ours too. C'ya then!!

Melissa said...

Why don't we meet at like 9:45am here at Creekside?
Sound good?