Friday, April 3, 2009

Basket Weave!

Here is kind of the basket weave hairdo! Its Super easy, and the best part is that there is only hairtie to take out at the end of the day! : ) Having the topsy tail made this so easy! All you do is pull back the hair into a half pony except for a little hair on top and then you thread it through all the rest of the hair in peices! I even did this in my hair yesterday! I thought it looked pretty neat!
And here is what she looked like at the end! Doesn't that face just scream, "Aren't you done yet!"
I know her bangs look crooked and weird, but I promise they are cut straight! She has the most annoying cowlick in her bangs and it drives me crazy! So don't look at that! : )


Ben and Jade said...

Are you kidding me? First of all, I can't believe that you can do this on her considering you only have two hands to work with. But you actually were able to do this on yourself?

Sigh. I need a beginner's lesson. Like "how to do a ponytail."

Missy Grossman said...

WOW Heather!! That is amazing. I love seeing all your new ideas.

Ritchie Family Blog said...

You have GOT to start a hairdos book or something and try to get it published (I'm sure it would get published anyway)...serious! And, if you ever want someone to practice on besides your daughter, you really need to let me know because I absolutely LOVE having someone just mess with my hair. It feel soooo good. I could just sit and have someone work with it for hours!!!

Melissa said...

Ok I've got no idea how to do this. I don't get it.
CAn you do a little class for us?