Thursday, January 8, 2009

Snow Snow and more Snow!!!

There was so much so and ice on my parent's roof that it began to get a little scary! My parent's were getting worried that the roof would cave in! It hung off the roof about two feet and it still wouldn't ever slide off! It was pretty scary to walk out the front door because we didn't want it to fall right when we step out! It was pretty much solid ice! My dad hired some guys to go up there and shovel it off! They got the snow to all slide of and it all came down at once! And it took them with it! One of them broke their shovel and then it got completely buried under all the snow! When the snow slide off it shoke the whole house! It was pretty scary!
This is right outside my parents big window in the Living Room! You can't even see the deck anymore!
This is what it looked like after it all fell off the front off the house! It is a LOT of snow! It's almost all the way up to the roof! When you're inside the house you couldn't see outside any of the windows! It was kind of like being snowed in! Matthew loved it though! He loves playing on the mountaintops!
If you look closely, you can see how deep the snow is on top of the roof!

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