Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sleeping Bags!

Matthew got his sleeping bag in June for his birthday from Jeff's mom, and he loves it! Almost everyday he gets it out of the closet to lay in it! Kaity would always be jealous and try to get in it also! I mentioned it to Linda and she got one for Kaity for Christmas! Along with four new horses! As soon as they saw these things they insisted on setting them up and playing with their horses inside the sleeping bags! Thank you so much Linda! They love them! One of these nights I'm going to set them up on the floor in Kaity's room and let them have a slumber Party! We'll see if they actually ever go to sleep!

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Dean Family said...

Wow! When you post, you really post! We need to start calling them Books! I love all the pictures though! It looks like the kids loved it at mom and dads house! I never saw those pictures from their roof and deck and stuff! Crazy! They got a TON of snow! I like your birthday calendar too! :)

~ Cami