Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Playing in the Snow!

Matthew and Kaity loved being at my Parent's house over the holiday break! Kaity would look out the window and beg to go outside and play! So I would dress them up in all their snow gear and get ready to play! The first 5 minutes that we were out there, Matthew threw some snow on Kaity and she wouldn't stop crying and she really didn't want to be out there anymore! The rest of the break she would just stay inside and watch Matthew and Jeff play! That was okay with me because I HATE the snow! I am very satisfied staying inside and watching other people play in it!
Matthew loved playing in the snow! He loves to eat it and he even went sledding for the first time! He had a lot of fun until he fell off the sled and did a face plant in the snow! After that he was done with sledding!
Jeff even had some fun in the snow, shoveling my parent's roof! He couldn't get much of the snow off because it was all solid ice, but he helped a little bit!

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Ben and Jade said...

Kaity's face in that one picture says it all. She is so expressive. And a smart girl. I'm with you -- snow is meant to be enjoyed from inside the comfort of a warm, dry home. It's so pretty, but I wish it were a screen saver that I could just turn off whenever I needed to do something outside. ;-)