Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Snake!

Today we caught a snake! Its been in our yard for a while, and we've seen it around every so often! Today, Matthew was asking me to find him some grasshoppers. So I went outside and started walking around in the grass (with my bare feet) to see any jump away! Instead of a grasshopper, I came across the snake! I know its not very big and its just a garter snake, but it scared me! I wanted to catch it so Matthew would beable to look at it and learn what a snake really is. I didn't have anything to catch it with so I was concentrating on just keeping it there until I figured out what to do. Just then Jeff came home from school. Perfect timing! He went and got Matthew's bug catcher and, together, we caught it! Matthew has been obsessed with it! He loves it! Its a very active snake to. It is always moving around the cage and attacking the lid trying to get out! I'm going to take it Away from my house to let it go!

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Ben and Jade said...

Ack! I'm never cutting through the area by your backyard again. In fact, I may never go to Oakridge again. Or outside. Ever. ACK!