Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Magic Show

We got to go to a magic show that was put on in Moscow. Kaity's school gave us free tickets for it. We were really excited for the show. I can't remember the magicians name but he had just finished doing a world tour. He was actually pretty good! Right before the show started they said that the kids could come down and sit in the front. I was so sad. During the whole show I just kept wandering what Matthew and Kaity were thinking about it. There were some pretty scary stunts where if he didn't get unshackled by a certain amount of time, giant spikes would fall on him. I could tell when Matthew and Kaity were scared or excited. I could see their little heads bobbing around because they couldn't hold still. They were bouncing with anticipation.

Tyler ended up falling asleep and was asleep the whole time, which I thought was so crazy because the music was soooooo loud!

He even had his own tigers there. He had a snow tiger and a regular tiger and he got them out of the cage and fed them a bottle right there in front of the kids! Crazy!

At the end someone was nice enough to take a quick family picture of us! :) We had a great time! The kids couldn't stop talking about it! They absolutely loved it! When we came home they kept trying to do their own magic tricks! It was super cute!


Cami said...

Man, I just caught up on your blog. I haven't looked at it in a while! I like your posts. The kids looked like they had a fun Easter and everything! Your egg dippers looked really cool! You should have told me about them so I could have bought some! :)

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