Monday, May 23, 2011

Kaity's Preschool Graduation

Kaity had her last day of Preschool on May 13th. She misses school and can't wait to go back next year. she learned so much during the year. This Headstart Preschool was absolutely amazing! They did so many things and taught Kaity how to do tons of things! I'm very proud of her. She is such a smart little girl!
Here she is sitting with her class waiting for the passing out of the certificates!
Here they are singing some songs for all the parents! She sang so good! I could even hear her over some of the other kids!
Here she is receiving her award from her two teachers, Miss Dana and Miss Mirium.
Then after the awards, they had all kinds of fun stations set up through out the school. They even had a fire truck for the kids to look at. They fireman was letting the kids out on his hat. It was sooo heavy! Kaity couldn't hold her head up when she was wearing it! Her head kept falling backwards. You can see the fireman's arms holding her up! It was funny!
Matthew did a little better with it!

They also got to have their faces painted! Matthew is such a little goofball! He said that he wanted a smiley face with 1 eye 2 noses and 3 mouths! This is what they came up with! Silly boy!

Congratulations Kaity!!

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