Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kaity Gets To Ride The Bus

While we wait for Matthew's bus to come and then we watch Matthew climb onto his bus, Kaity always says that she wants to ride the bus to her school, too. I had tried to get Kaity on the bus before, but the bus that they had was full. Then on Monday, Kaity's teacher informed me that they had just gotten a new bus and there was more room on it. So of course I got Kaity signed up for it. She started riding it Tuesday afternoon. I was so nervous about it because she is just so little. We sat and waited for it and she was just all smiles the whole time. I even went and bought her a new backpack to hold her snow gear. She looked so cute!

I didn't get any pictures of her actually getting on the bus because I took a video instead, and I don't know how to put the videos on the computer. So sorry that you don't get to see that, but it was very cute. She grunted all the way up the steps because they were so big for her. Both of my kiddos ride the bus to school now. They are so big! And yes, right after the pictures were taken and went and got some rubberbands to hold up the long pieces of her backpack.


Anonymous said...

i would really worry, but she probably had a ball. kids just grow up too fast.

Tamara said...

What the heck!!???!@ Kaity riding the school bus?? isn't she still like 2.... lol She looks so grown up. I can't believe she turned 4 today. I'm glad that she likes the bus and looks up to Matthew so much. He is the ultimate big brother :) Loved all the pics.