Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween Decorations!

I had a little fun this year with the halloween decorations! This is the first year that I used those fake spider webs! I think I got a little carried away with them! They were used on my entertainment center and picture frames and stuff! It was fun though! On one wall I had a big yellow moon and a whole bunch of bats flying around! The kids loved that! I also mad us some spider shirts that turned out pretty neat! I just found those spider rings and cut the ring part off! Then I hot glued the spiders on the shirt and that was it! They even stay on after being washed! Just don't dry them! We all got a lot of compliments on them!

Then I also made this candy corn wreath! I thought it turned out really well! I got a styrofoam wreath form and covered it in black duct tape! Then you just glue the candy corn on to! That was it! I love the ribbon that I found at Wal-mart for it! It totally matched! I also saw somebody else make one like this but with colorful gumdrops for Christmas! Yes, I plan on making on of those too! It looked really cute!

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