Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The First Real Snow Day

This year, Matthew had the whole week of Thanksgiving off. I was trying to think of ways to keep him and Kaity busy being stuck in my small apartment for a whole week. Well, no suprise, I couldn't come up with anything fun. So I called my Dad and he agreed to come and get me and take me to his house. We stayed there the whole week and Jeff drove down Wednesday night when he got off of work. It was so nice for the kids to have so much room to run around and play. The first night that I was there it snowed about 5 inches. So we got on our snow gear and had our first snow day. The kids love everything about snow. Playing in it, eating it, watching it fall. Snow is great, but I'm glad that it only lasts a few months.

My camera isn't very good, but Matthew was throwing the snow up in the air so that it would fall down on him.
Of course, here's the eating it part. :)

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