Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Matthew's 5th Birthday!

I officially have a 5 year old little boy! I cannot believe it! I feel like it was just yesterday when he looked like this...

But it wasn't yesterday! It was FIVE years ago! And now he looks like this...
Isn't he such a handsome little boy?! Just like his daddy!
Well, if you haven't guessed it, Matthew had his 5th birthday on Sunday! We had a lot of fun during the weekend celebrating it! We went horseback riding (Pictures are coming), and we went and saw "How to Train Your Dragon" (Which is by far my favorite cartoon movie now! I loved it! The kids loved it too!) We went and played at the park for hours it felt like, and on Sunday we had his cousins and Aunts and Uncle come over for a party! We decided to have a kind of Disney theme party! We had a Shrek cake, Toy Story 3 decorations, How to Train Your Dragon gifts! All kinds of fun stuff!
In this picture he was trying sooo hard NOT to smile! So he was holding his lips a weird way trting to keep from smiling! Silly Boy!
I made him a chocolate bowl to eat his ice cream out of! You dip a small balloon in melted chocolate and then let it cool and get hard and then you pop the baloon and take it off the chocolate and there you go!
We got him this awesome dragon with 4 heads! He loves it! He's really into dragons right now!
And of course a 'red' Iron Man action figure!
And he loved his awesome army men!

Happy Birthday Matthew!


Melissa said...

Happy birthday to Matthew.
It looked like a good time.

Anonymous said...

What a great cake you had Matthew, I am sorry I missed it!!! Love Mammaw