Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Horseback Riding!

For Matthew's birthday, a friend invited us over to ride her ponies! It was so much fun and Matthew and Kaity LOVED it! They love horses! Right when we got there we spent some time petting the horses and brushing their fur! Matthew and Kaity even got to feed them some carrots! They thought it was fun when the horses licked their hands!
Kaity wanted to ride on the bigger of the two ponies! Matthew chose the smaller one!
Before we started riding, Matthew got to walk with 'Chickadee'! He did it all by himself! He did really good, too!
We even got to trot with the ponies too, but Matthew and Kaity got a bit nervous when we went that fast!
Jeff and I even got on the ponies at the end! The saddles were very little though, so we could put our feet in the stirrups! Jeff took this pictures really low to the ground to make me look taller!
Kaity's favorite part was brushing the pony! While Jeff and I were riding 'Tad', Kaity was brushing 'Chickadee'! Kelly (Matthew's Speech Therapist) has a little boy who just turned 5 in April was there, and Matthew was off playing in the barn with him!
This would have been a perfect family photo, but Blake, Kelly's son, kept sneaking his head in the picture!
After we were done with the horses, we all got to go jump on her trampoline! The kids also loved this! They got along with Blake and their neighbor really well!

I think it turned out to be a VERY fun day for them! Happy Birthday Matthew!

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