Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My New Bow Holder!

One of the shelves in my craft space fell down last night! It made a big crash! So thats what I did all last night, cleaning up the mess! The whole space was pretty messy, too! I had been wanting t clean it up for awhile, but I am a procrastinator! So last night I cleaned it all up, and would you believe it, I had a table in there! Never would have guessed it! :) Well, I had a lot of my hair bows laying around that I idn't have room for anywhere! So in one of my closets I had an old picture frame that I got at the dollar store and of course I have extra ribbon laying around! So I gotout my hot glue gun and I glued the ribbon peices to the back of the frame! Thats it! It only took me like 15-20 minutes to do! I put mine and Kaity's favorite bows on this one! Even Jeff was saying how much he liked it! And now I can say that all of my bows are hanging up on something!

Here's the back of the bow holder to show what it looks like! All I did was glue! Easy!

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Deans said...

Cute Bow Frame. You should sale some on your bow blog. It seems fitting. It is very cute, and it looks like you could fit a bunch more on it.

~ Cami