Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween Night!!

There is a very funny story here! Kaity loves Matthew sooo much! She wants to do anything and everything that he does! So when she saw how excited Matthew was to be Spiderman, there was no way she wanted to be a princess! On Friday night, She was screaming and crying when I was trying to get her into her dress! She finally stopped when I pulled out the make-up! And of course Jeff is wrapped around her little finger, so on Saturday morning we had to go to Walmart and see if they had another Spiderman costume! Of course they didn't! We dug through all the costumes and couldn't find one! Then Matthew found the black spiderman costume and got very excited! So everything worked out! Matthew turned into the black, evil, spiderman and Kaity wore Matthew's good spiderman costume! This is the first year that they understood what to do and they actually went door to door by themselves! They were so grown-up!

Here they are with all of their cousins that they went Trick-or-Treating with!

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Ritchie Family Blog said...

Awww... They are so cute! I love their little costumes... and I love how Kaity had to have a spiderman costume too... adorable!