Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kaity's Strange Positions!

I just had to share these pictures! They are so funny! Kaity loves to find weird places to lie down when she is tired! Its never in normal traditional places! Notice how she has the same little pink blanket in every picture! That is her favorite blanket! She never goes anywhere without her 'night-night' as she calls it! Cute, huh! The first one is here on the couch, but its on the back of the couch! Not the seat of the couch!
This one is in the middle of the stairs! What made her want to lie down in the middle of the stairs? Go figure! It can't be comfortable!
This one I thought was funny because she is on the floor right in front of her bed! Why wouldn't she want to lay down on her bed? She is just so goofy!
This picture I had to put in to show the wall above our heater! The heater has stained it black! We have tried and tried to scrub it off but its there for life! I'm glad this isn't my permanent house! We told our landlord about and he acted like it was nothing and said that it was normal! Crazy, huh! Isn't it so ugly?!


Missy G said...

What a silly girl! I love the spot on the back of the couch. She looks so comfy.

And the black mark on your wall is very common - I used to work for our landlords, and it is a TON of apartments.

Ritchie Family Blog said...

Have you tried the Magic Eraser on the wall? Jade apparently used it on her black spot in their bathroom and it came right off. HAPPY BIRTHDAY by the way!!!!