Thursday, August 7, 2008

Matthew's Talking!!

Kaity and Matthew were playing outside and when Matthew saw me get the camera out he came over to look at it!! He got really excited that he could see Kaity through the camera and he kept saying Kaity. Since Kaity was pretending to be a puppy, Matthew is camparing her to a puppy and you can hear him talking in the video! He's had a hard time talking and he's even in Speech Therapy and everything. So that's why I get excited over the littlest things that he says! We got a letter in the mail today telling us that he got accepted to start Preschool this year! Even though he's only three years old, since he has a speech problem he gets to go early and get an extra year of school in! Yea!!! He's going to start talking up a storm soon!!

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The Dean Family said...

Gosh! You put a lit of posts up at once! They are all very cute though! Itsn't it cute when your kids' personalities start to show! KAity is tooo funny! SHe is going to be a firey handfull soon I bet! Matthew is funny with all his cars! Holy Moly!!! And by the way, Yes, I do like your new background! Very cute!!!

~ Cami