Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Weekend at My Parent's!

A few weekends ago we went to my Parent's house in Priest River! It was a lot of fun! Tara even drove over from Seattle just for a weekend to see everybody!

While we were there, we had some issues with their trampoline! In the Spring the netting on the trampoline broke so the reattached the springs to the netting with zip ties! It seemed to be holding up pretty well! Until this weekend! All the kids were jumping on it at the same time! There was the first mistake! The next thing we knew, springs were flying in the air and falling all over the place and poor Livia had fallen all the way down to the ground, through the trampoline! Fortunately nobody got hurt! My parents had bought another netting for when the other one broke! So we pulled that one out and we discovered that they had sent my parents the wrong size! It was too small! Everybody wanted to try and make it work anyways! So after many blisters later, the netting was on the trampoline frame! We thought all was good so all the kids started jumping on it again! Then the legs started falling off, so all the kids got off and right after everyone jumped off, the whole trampoline frame twisted and bent and turned into this...

Lets just say, nobody got to jump on the trampoline the rest of the weekend! My Dad's words, "Stupid Trampoline!"

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Anonymous said...

You are right! Stupid trampoline! So sad. Mom