Monday, September 20, 2010

WSU's Family Fun Day!

When I moved here to Pullman, I was very upset about it! I didn't like the thought of living in Pullman! I wanted to stay in Moscow! I have to say that I still think Moscow is a lot cleaner town and set up a lot nicer, but I have to admit that Pullman is starting to grow on me! They definitely have a LOT more family activities! It seems like almost every weekend they are doing something for families! And most of them are pretty fun!
Last weekend there was a WSU football game and the school put on this Family Fun Day! The whole track field was full of booths with different things set up! They had a bouncy house, which is my kids favorite thing! They love jumping! They had a giant inflated slide, face painting, hoola-hoops, an obstacle course, all kinds of different things!

Of course Matthew wanted a picture with all the cheerleaders! Kaity was too shy to take a picture with them, but Matthew jumped right up there!
They even got to take a picture with Butch the Cougar!
Jeff, Kaity and I got tatoos on our hands!
Matthew got a red paw on one cheek and a black paw on the other!

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