Thursday, March 12, 2009

Matthew's Tonsils Removed!

Today we went to the hospital in Spokane to get Matthew's tonsils and adenoids removed! It was so sad! He hated it there! Every time a doctor got near him he would start crying! When we got there, they gave him some medicine that was supposed to make him act like a drunk as the doctors described it! When it started kicking in he got VERY loopy! He tried to stand up and, if we hadn't caught him, he would have fallen flat on his face! He didn't remember anything from that point on! Then when they took him, he grabbed my shirt and would not let go! And he was crying and yelling 'Mommy'! It broke my heart! : ( Then we had to sit there and wait while he was having the surgery!
When it was all done we got to go to the recovery room and see him! When we went in there he was just starting to wake up! He was so sad and panicky! He didn't know where he was and what was going on! It was a very sad time! Here is a picture of him when he was crying!
Here is a picture of when he took a break in his crying and we got him to eat a pop-cicle!
Here we finally got him to get back on the bed and then he started to cheer up and play with some toys that they had there! I didn't realize that he would still be pretty loopy and when I sat him on the bed he fell over right on his face! : ( We had to wait in the recovery room for quite awhile because he kept coughing and it sounded just like a seal barking! They said if he didn't stop coughing than we would have to stay overnight! They were giving him all kinds of stuff for his cough and finally it got a LOT better! So they took out the IV and let us go home!
Here he is after we got home! He was laying on the couch watching his favorite movie (Land Before Time) and he fell asleep sitting up! He is so sad! I just want to cuddle him always!

Keep him in your thoughts and prayers and hope that he gets better soon!


Ben and Jade said...

On the one hand, I'm so glad you were still able to have it done today -- what a relief. On the other hand, what an ordeal. Poor guy. Hopefully his only memories of the whole thing will be (1) how loving his whole family was through it all, and (2) all the ice cream. Poor little guy. We're praying for him (and you).

Linda Palmer said...

My boy little grand son. Actually all of you did great and I know that Matthew won't remember most of what happen but he will remember what great and loving parents he has. Love you Matthew Grandma

Aly Mosher said...

Poor Matthew! When Zane had his done it was awful, so we understand! We love you and hope you feel better soon! Love, Uncle Eugene and Aunt Cyndi