Saturday, May 31, 2008

Kaity's Balloon!!

We had a very interesting night on Saturday!! I spent 3 hours in the emergency room with Kaity! Kaity got a hold of a waterballoon filled with air. It was the size of the balloon in the picture down below. We put a AA battery next to it to show the size. She got ahold of one and when Jeff saw it he said "no Kaity" and the next thing he knew she swallowed it!!! She didn't choke or anything! Jeff said that it didn't even look like she had any difficulties with it!! I took her to the hospital and she got an X-ray and everything but the doctors said they couldn't see anything and that she should just pass it through just fine. We all started giving Jeff a hard time about whether or not she actually swallowed it. Jeff said that it never popped or anything! That she swallowed it completely whole! She could eat and drink and everything just fine. Nobody belived Jeff that it happened until the next morning when she woke up with a poopy diaper and right there in her diaper was a balloon!! The balloon never popped. It shrunk down, but it never popped! It still had a little air in it! In the second picture is the balloon after it passed through her body!! We were sooooooo amazed that she didn't choke on it and die! It was truely a miracle! We will never forget that day!

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The Dean Family said...

That story is soooo gross Heather!!!! It's even more gross that you SAVED the balloon after she POOPED IT OUT!!! I guess it's different when it's your own kid though! I find it VERY hard to believe though, that she swallowed a balloon that big, like in the first picture! Are you sure?! WOW!!

~ Cami